Having Physics class in an archery arena enables us to observe and feel from all angles. It is easier to remember the physics concepts than study them in class. Especially when my arrow failed to hit the target, I thought about gravity. Therefore, accurately calculating the gravitational parabola in archery was what I needed to consider in every practice.
Deisy — Grade 11 Student
When I teach Chemistry, I emphasize communication and expression of the students in the classroom. Through lectures, debates, small essay assignments, etc., students are encouraged to express vocally the questions and knowledge that they have. This also helps break the stereotypes of science students and truly cultivates students comprehensive ability. For instance, when studying the chapter on “nuclear energy”, we held a “pros and cons of nuclear energy” chemical debate. Before the debate, students of both sides looked into academic papers, current affairs news, and popular science magazines, and used various investigation and research methods to prepare for the debate. During the debate, which was more challenging to the students as they must rationalize logic and express clearly in a limited time. Holding massive data does not necessarily give you an advantage. How to effectively use the data is the trick. The debate on the one hand tested the students’ flexible use of chemistry knowledge, on the other hand, it honed the students’ abilit of public speaking, the ability to respond under high pressure, and the ability to calmly deal with adversity.
Dr. George Jacob — Chemistry teacher
The teacher has made the English courses very interesting, not only in regular learning such as rhetoric and symbolism, but also through helping us establish a connection with the text contents during teaching, and facilitating continuous in-depth analysis and discussions in classes. I feel that after taking this course, I don’t just get a mark. Indeed, I learn real knowledge. Even one semester after the course was completed, I can still clearly remember what I have learned.
Vivian Chen — Grade 12 student