Recruitment for Student Creative Team

We are looking for volunteers to assist the communication department in creating media assets. If you have a passion for video production and social media, student creative team is your ideal place to showcase your creativity. Student creative team will create social media content regularly for school from a student perspective.

Students will get volunteer hours towards their volunteer requirement to graduate. Those who have excellent performance in the team will receive recognition of achievement.

Volunteer Schedule: Flexible

Team members are required to attend a meeting at the end of a month and commit to at least 1-2 hours of volunteering per week. Volunteers have group tasks or individual tasks, which depends on the number of activities in a month.

Starting date: As Soon As Possible.

There is no deadline for this volunteer application. The student creative team has an ongoing recruitment plan for all volunteer positions.   

How to APPLY:

Join us by sending your self-introduction or resume to or contacting “Student Service” via WeChat.

If you have experience of producing videos or writing for social media, please send us your video or writing samples.

We are recruiting social media content creators, writers and video editors. Please indicate in the email which position you are most interested in.  

Social Media Content Creator


  • Develop social media campaigns to promote student life at Bond
  • Work with Bond’s communication strategy to keep posts current and timely
  • Build strong online communities with Bond students and keep track of current topics that international students are interested in.


  • Understanding of and experience with videos and social media, such as WeChat, Weibo, and Xiaohongshu.
  • Excellent communication skills and time management skills.
  • Creative thinking on social media strategies
  • Able to work with writers and video editors.



  • Write articles to share your experience of attending school activities and to promote a healthy and active living style as an international student at Bond.
  • Work with other team members to support social media campaigns.
  • Writing scripts for short videos (1-3 minutes).


  • Excellent communication skills in both Chinese and English. Other language skills are an asset.
  • Creative thinking and excellent time management skills.

Video Editor


  • Edit short videos (1-3 minutes) as required.
  • Make videos by smart phones for different topics.
  • Work with other team members to support social media campaigns.


  • Excellent communication skills and teamwork skills
  • Creative thinking and excellent time management