Bond online courses, as a supplement to classroom teaching, provide students with additional opportunities to take the credits required to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Students who cannot take classes in physical classrooms for various reasons still have the opportunity to take the required courses and graduate as planned. Bond online courses include two teaching modes: synchronous online learning and independent study. The “face-to-face” interactive communication with teachers is the common feature of these two modes, and it is the significant difference that distinguishes Bond online courses from other online courses.

Synchronous online learning mode refers to online learning in which the teacher takes the lead in the live streaming classroom and students will learn the course in a class setting. The teacher decides the content and progress of the learning; in terms of teaching methods, teachers will adjust their pedagogies used in the physical classroom and apply them in the virtual classroom through the Zoom video conferencing software, which moves the whole classroom to the online platform. The teacher and the student can meet each other at the same time and in the same “classroom” as if they were in the physical classroom, where they can interact with each other face to face and carry out various teaching activities.

In the independent study mode, students have to complete all required learning content, but they can decide the pace and progress of learning to some extent. Bond requires that students who intend to take a course in an independent study mode must submit applications to the principal. After the principal has reviewed and approved their application that makes sure they met certain conditions, they can register and start their courses. Bond will assign a teacher to the student, while the student will download the learning materials from Moodle, discuss the learning content with the teacher via Moodle and email, and submit homeworks. Students regularly communicate with their instructors face-to-face through the Zoom video conferencing software. Independent study courses must be completed within 6 months. If there are special reasons that need to extend the course, students can apply for it through the guidance office.

Regardless of the learning mode, all Bond online courses are well designed by Bond teachers in accordance with the Ontario curriculum for each subject, as well as the relevant policies and standards on assessment, evaluation, and reporting in the document of Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario. In the learning process, Bond pays attention to the communication between teachers and students. Teachers will focus on students’ learning process, communicate with students in time, and give feedback and guidance to ensure the quality of learning.