Anne Banitowski,

Secondary Principal

Bond Academy/Bond International College

Hello everyone,
My name is Anne Banitowski, the new secondary principal at Bond Academy/Bond
International College. I am excited to be part of the Bond Community and serve you.
I would like to welcome new and returning students, along with their families for the
2024-2025 school year.

At Bond we pride ourselves on providing excellence in education, creating an inclusive
environment that caters to all styles of learning, and in promoting the acquisition of the
21 st -century competencies needed for the future. The teaching of critical thinking skills,
teamwork, digital literacy, and social responsibility are an important part of what we do
here at Bond to prepare our students to enter the world of employment.

In the African culture the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child,” embodies what it
takes to bring up a child in society. It is only with the help of parents, teachers, support
staff, the whole community that we can succeed in this endeavor. By working together,
we can provide the optimal learning environment for our students and maximize their
potential so they can be successful.

In addition, Bond Academy/Bond International College is partnered with the Elite
Basketball OSBA League. The number of girls and boys participating in this program
continues to grow and we are happy to ensure their academic success.

Bond delivers “Education As It Should Be” as demonstrated by our students’ academic
success. I want to wish all our students, success, and a productive school year.
To conclude, the Ontario Ministry of Education has revised the Provincial Code of
Conduct. I invite you to peruse this document found on the website: click on
Policy Program Memorandum 128 Education in Ontario.