1. Location
    • Toronto is the economic center of Canada
    • 20 minute drive to downtown
    • Public transportation is available
    1. Teaching Features
    • Class sizes range from 12-20
    • ESL Language courses
    • Bond teachers have Ontario certified qualifications and/or a masters or doctoral degree
    • Science fairs, subject matter competitions provide extracurricular opportunities
    • Academic and University application guidance
    • Tutoring programs and comprehensive academic support
    • A flexible Semester System to meet the needs of international students. Grade 9 – 11 have two semesters. Grade 12 has three semesters beginning in September, November and February. Summer credit programs during July and August
    1. Extracurricular Activities
    • A variety of after-school clubs
    • Competitive sports teams & SSAF member
    • Cultural events
    • Sports activities and events
    • Prestigious universities visit our campus
    • Volunteer activities in the community and the school
    1. Independent and Secure Campus
    • Covers an area of 10,800 square meters with more than 40 classrooms
    • The school has complete teaching facilities with multiple purposeful designed subject classrooms
    • Large Indoor Sports venue and outdoor playgrounds that meet the needs of all sports activities
    • Wireless internet
    • Large cafeteria accommodating 300
    • Individual campus access code
    1. Comprehensive Care
    • Individual academic guidance
    • Personal counseling
    • Orientation and education relating to safety of living abroad and living in a large city
    • Close communication among our students, the school and their parents
    1. Language Development

    As well as our academic language courses, the students are studying on the same campus as local students, interacting in class, participating in joint activities, with many opportunities to enjoy multiculturalism.