1. Location
    • Toronto is the economic center of Canada
    • 20 minute drive to downtown
    • Public transportation is available
    1. Teaching Features
    • Class sizes range from 12-20
    • ESL Language courses
    • Bond teachers have Ontario certified qualifications and/or a masters or doctoral degree
    • Science fairs, subject matter competitions provide extracurricular opportunities
    • Academic and University application guidance
    • Tutoring programs and comprehensive academic support
    • A flexible Semester System to meet the needs of international students. Grade 9 – 11 have two semesters. Grade 12 has three semesters beginning in September, November and February. Summer credit programs during July and August
    1. Extracurricular Activities
    • A variety of after-school clubs
    • Competitive sports teams & SSAF member
    • Cultural events
    • Sports activities and events
    • Prestigious universities visit our campus
    • Volunteer activities in the community and the school
    1. Independent and Secure Campus
    • Covers an area of 10,800 square meters with more than 40 classrooms
    • The school has complete teaching facilities with multiple purposeful designed subject classrooms
    • Large Indoor Sports venue and outdoor playgrounds that meet the needs of all sports activities
    • Wireless internet
    • Large cafeteria accommodating 300
    • Individual campus access code
    1. Comprehensive Care
    • Individual academic guidance
    • Personal counseling
    • Orientation and education relating to safety of living abroad and living in a large city
    • Close communication among our students, the school and their parents
    1. Language Development

    As well as our academic language courses, the students are studying on the same campus as local students, interacting in class, participating in joint activities, with many opportunities to enjoy multiculturalism.

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) Program
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Program
  • English as a Second Language Program
  • International English Language Testing (IELTS) Preparation Program
  • Summer Camp Program
  • North American Travel Basketball Program 

Our teachers have the Ontario certified qualifications, and/or master’s and doctoral degrees. They have rich experience in teaching international students, understand their learning methods, learning habits and learning capabilities, so as to be more in line with the learning needs of international students and fully mobilize students’ potential in order to achieve the best learning results. Bond teachers, whether they are new recruits or those who have been teaching at Bond for nearly 20 years, are dedicated to their work and caring for students, and are highly respected.

Bond International College implements a small class teaching system. The average class size is between 10-15 students, and the smallest class is only 6 students.

  1. Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), which includes 6 grade 12 courses with a code of 4U / M, all of which meet the program admission requirements of each university
  2. Language requirements as set by the university (IELTS, TOEFL and other English language proficiency test scores)
  3. Supplementary application materials (eg: submission of art works, application documents, interviews, etc.) to meet nonacademic requirements of each major

The time suitable for children to study abroad varies from person to person, and there is no such thing as the best time or age. In our opinion, usually children who have the following characters can consider studying abroad.

1) Solid academic foundation and learning ability

2) Good English language skills

3) Clear university and life goals

4) Independent and self-discipline

In addition, if conditions permit, Grade 11 will be a better time to study abroad, one is because the students in Grade 11 are relatively mature in all aspects; the other is because starting from Grade 11, there are two years to adapt to study and life in Canada so they can prepare for university more calmly; third, because the marks they achieve in Grade 11 are accepted by more and more universities, especially as an important reference for early admission. Good performance in Grade 11 increase the chance of being admitted to top universities.































  • According to Ontario secondary curriculum, Bond provides distinctive English intensive courses that meet the needs of international students. Every freshman admitted to Bond, if the native language is not English, will be required to complete an entrance English proficiency test and enter the corresponding ESL level class based on the test score. Bond intensive English courses are developed step by step to help students lay a solid foundation in English. (Related link: ESL course)
  • In the after-school study room every afternoon from Monday to Thursday, there is a dedicated English teacher to tutor students in need for free.
  • In the evening, there are teachers in Bond residence who are proficient in Chinese and English to help students with their homework and improve their English.
  • Diversified teaching methods, such as group discussions, presentations, research and writing, extracurricular practice, etc., help students apply what they have learned and gradually improve their ability to use English.
  • Bond IELTS preparation courses are open to Bond students all year round. Teachers who teach IELTS have a wealth of IELTS and English teaching experience. For students who have participated in the training, their IELTS test scores will increase by an average of 0.5 to 1 points, which meets the language requirements for direct admission or double admission.

Bond has a number of learning support mechanisms to help students complete their studies. Although some students with relatively weak foundations need a little more time, as long as they work hard, they will eventually graduate and obtain an Ontario secondary school diploma. All Bond graduates are promoted to higher education institutions and continue their studies. On average, 75% of the graduates are promoted to Canada’s top ten universities each year, and more than half of the graduates receive various university scholarships. Many Bond alumni choose to continue to study for master’s and doctoral degrees after they have completed their undergraduate studies.

Yes, on the first day of enrollment, every new student will first meet with his/her dedicated guidance counsellor. The guidance counsellor will make a preliminary study plan and course selection plan for him/her through getting to know the students, and continue to follow up, communicate, and adjust until the student graduates and enters the university. Parents can also communicate with guidance counsellors through Email to understand the situation of the students.

From Monday to Thursday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm in the Bond residence, a bilingual teacher who is proficient in Chinese and English will help students with their homework, answer questions and supervise evening self-study.

Bond International College is a member of the Ontario Private School Sports League. It has won many youth team championships and runners-ups in basketball, volleyball, rugby, and ice hockey. Bond International College organizes various social activities, groups and clubs according to students’ academic arrangements, hobbies and talents. By participating in and organizing these activities, students improve their leadership and organizational skills, and strengthen social dedication and team spirit. Student organizations include student unions, student ambassador groups, mutual learning groups and so on.

Grade 9-11: Two Semesters (September, February)

Grade 12: Three Semesters (September, November, February)

ESL Course: Every Month

Summer School: July, August