Cultural Events

Bond clubs are very active. In past years, 10 clubs were established:

On December 20, 2018, “The New Snow White”, written and directed and performed by the Drama Club, achieved a huge success on the stage, after three months of intense preparations.

Sports Events

Bond Promotes a healthy and active lifestyle by offering intra-campus sports activities & team sports. Bond is a member of the Ontario Private School Sports League.

Community Charity Service and School Volunteer Opportunities

Bond is committed to cultivating students to be global citizens. It has a variety of community activities to integrate students into the local community with a sense of social responsibility. Students are offered opportunities to volunteer at community charity services, to build up and improve their social abilities. The volunteer experience is a shortcut for students to understand the local culture, which can add weight to students’ university applications, by showing their passions outside the classrooms.

Note: Activities are subject to change based on community needs each year. The lastest school announcements shall prevail.