Canadian James Naismith invented basketball. Over a century, Canada has cultivated countless outstanding basketball players. With the Toronto Raptors winning the 2019 NBA championship, basketball has reached a peak in Canada. The Bond basketball program jointly created by Bond and professional sports training institutions is set up in time. We provide Ontario high school courses and systematic training of physical fitness, athletic skills, and basketball skills to students with basketball foundations and student-athletes who are interested in entering Canadian and American college basketball league teams, NBA, European basketball professional leagues, and national teams. This project’s most notable features are (1) retired Canadian national team main players and American NCAA players serve as head coaches. They have superb basketball skills and have more than 20 years of coaching and sports training experience. (2) The on-campus coaches work closely with the class teachers to formulate academic course study and training competition plans, supervise academic and sports training, and improve academic ability and basketball athletic ability simultaneously, laying a solid foundation for future applications for sports scholarships to enter university study.