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About Us

Bond Education Group is one of the largest private education institutions in Canada. It is the pioneer of international education in the province of Ontario.

Providing primary and secondary education programs, pre-university programs, post-secondary career education, leadership and professional development training, and international education cooperation services, the Group is comprised of Bond International College (established in 1978), Bond Academy (established in 2001), Bond Centre for Leadership & Management Development (1997), four Overseas Ontario High Schools (Bond Schools International) inspected by the Ministry of Education of Ontario, Canada, 

Bond Language Centre and New Skills College of Health, Business and Technology, with an official IELTS Test Centre, Advanced Placement Exam Centre and Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Centre.

The ethos of Bond Education Group: “Integrated care for all our students, driven by students needs, changing with time, strengthened through innovation.” Our mission is to ensure academic and personal success for students by integrating care with a challenging educational program.

“Learning for All”! Success Starts from Bond!


Bond International College

Bond International College has been contributing to the success and development of students from around the world for over 40 years. Our commitment to you is to provide an integrated learning, living and personal development environment that is founded on academic achievement and is driven by your needs.

Bond Academy

Bond Academy is a private, co-educational, non-denominational independent school with students from Montessori Casa to Grade 12. Bond Academy provides our students with the Ontario Ministry of Education's Curriculum in small classes with high expectations, within an enriched, caring and secure environment.

Bond Schools International

Bond Schools International is the International Division, of the Bond Education Group, Toronto, Canada. It has been a pioneer, internationally, offering Ontario Secondary School courses, to Chinese and expatriate students, in China, since 1997. When Bond Schools International began its first overseas program in Guangzhou, China, it was seen as being, on the leading edge, in the development, of Chinese and Canadian collaboration on the educational stage.

Bond Center

Bond Centre for Leadership and Management Development is the professional training division of the Bond Education Group. Since Bond Centre’s establishment in 1999, it has committed to: Providing high-calibre training programs for visiting government officials, administrators, business mangers and professionals in various disciplines; Facilitate social, cultural, economic, educational exchange and partnerships between Canada and China.

New Skills College

New Skills College of Health, Business & Technology brings a unique approach to career preparation for students. Business today demands graduates who not only have excellent technical skills, but who also have the ability to communicate effectively, know how to work effectively in a team environment, and who have the experience of working in a professional business environment. Our programs are designed and delivered in a way that will provide you with excellent technical skills, team and leadership experience, professional development, and real-world team based project management. New Skills prepares students for success in modern business.

Bond Alumni

Bond alumni come from more than 30 countries around the world and actively participate in social fields such as finance, technology, art, education and other social fields around the world with outstanding achievements. The Bond Alumni Association promotes exchanges and cooperation between alumni in various regions and professional fields, and the connection between alumni and their alma mater.