Art education inspires the mind and cultivates creativity. Art education has always been highly valued at Bond. Bond’s new portfolio preparation program is designed for students who need to apply for the art and design programs in universities or colleges, which will strongly support students to successfully get the offers!

Bond offers arts courses from grade 1 in elementary school to grade 12 in high school. Arts exhibitions and art nights are held every academic year. Bond has a strength of strong artistic education and artistic atmosphere in the campus.

The art credit courses at Bond cover the fields of art practices, art history and art theories, which will prepare students for university or college application to the arts and design programs, such as visual arts, graphic design, industrial design, architecture, illustration, computer/mobile games, film and television, new media. Those courses will give students a solid professional and academic foundation. On this basis,  from the 2020-2021 school year, Bond started a portfolio preparation program for students’ university applications. The portfolio preparation program will:

  • Schedule as after-school program, which will be taught by Bond’s arts teachers with rich experiences in teaching and tutoring
  • Start from mid-September and end in mid-February, which is 3 hours per week and meet the deadline of portfolio submissions
  • Help students to determine the portfolio framework and a preparation plan, according to the specific portfolio requirements of university programs students applied for and the professional skills of the students.
  • Give feedback and professional guidance on students’ portfolios.
  • Support students to successfully get offers from the art and design programs.