Bond AP Program includes courses certified by the American College Board and after-school AP exam tutorial courses. Since 2013, Bond has been an AP examination center authorized by the College Board, offering examinations in 18 subjects every year.


Pre-University Courses (AP) allow students to study university-level courses. When students take AP courses, they prove to the university admissions officer that they have some exposure and knowledge of university education, which has made them better prepared for their success in university and beyond. Furthermore, if students can get good scores in the AP exams organized by the College Board, they will not only increase chances of being admitted to the university but the scores may be recognized by the university and transferred into corresponding university credits.

Students studying in Grade 12 at Bond can apply for admission to AP courses. Those who complete the course study and pass the course exam will receive an AP course transcript issued by Bond.

AP Calculus AB is equivalent to the first-semester university calculus courses, including the concepts and skills of limit, derivative, definite integral, and the basic theorem of calculus. Students will learn how to deal with calculus concepts and problems, which are presented in graphical, numerical, analytical, and verbal forms, and how to establish connections between these concepts. Students will learn how to use technology to help solve problems, conduct experiments, interpret results, and support conclusions.

AP Physics 1 is equivalent to a physics course based on algebra in the first semester of university. Students study Newtonian mechanics principles (including rotational motion), work, energy and force, mechanical waves and sound, and simple circuits. The course is based on six concepts, covering core scientific principles, theories, and processes. This course helps students break through traditional boundaries and provide a broad way of thinking about the physical world.

The AP Chemistry course provides students with a university-level chemistry foundation. Students develop their understanding of chemistry through inquiry-based investigations. Research topics include atomic structure, intermolecular forces, bonding, chemical reactions, kinetics, thermodynamics, and equilibrium.

Bond offers an AP exam preparatory course after school. Students who plan to take the above AP courses and/or take the above AP subject exams can sign up for the course regardless of grade restrictions.