Bond International College

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Bond continues to appeal to students from overseas who are looking to
gain a Canadian academic experience with an eye to entering
post-secondary programs in North America.

Bond International College, founded in 1978, is one of the first high schools in Toronto to accept international students. Bond is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and offers the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Students at Bond International College share the same campus with our local students under the umbrella of the Bond Education Group. As a result, International students enjoy a real Canadian high school experience as they study and participate in school activities together.

Our graduates enjoy a high acceptance rate to the top universities or colleges, with a high percentage awarded scholarships. Today, many Bond alumni are active members of Canadian society.

For over 40 years, Bond has established a reputation for success and educational excellence. Bond International College strives to deliver the finest quality learning environment for international students. We invite you to apply to our school today, to begin your pathway to the future.

Programs and approaches designed to deliver a full academic experience

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Bond Daily

  • 10,800 square meters
  • 40+ classrooms
  • Teaching facilities with purpose-designed subject classrooms
  • A standard Gym and outdoor playgrounds that meet the needs of all sports activities
  • Hi-speed Wireless Internet
  • Large cafeteria accommodating 300 people
  • Individual campus access code

What students say?

An academically-oriented school, one designed to meet a well-defined constellation of needs​

Boston Robert
“I've been at Bond since Grade 2. Studying in an international school is very different. It is an experience that no other school really offers because you get exposed to different cultures. It makes you well-rounded. It makes you cultured. And I think being cultured and being global is something that I find very important in life because as the world grows, as more and more people intermix, you have to be able to be used.”
Boston Robert (Toronto)
Computer Science, University of Toronto
Manuela Iong
“When studying at Bond, I had a high degree of freedom to be myself, and teachers respected the opinions of students. For example, the Leadership courses allowed us to employ a variety of creative ideas for event planning. The teachers’ enthusiasm and flexible teaching methods also made me more motivated to learn and to participate in activities. I think Bond is more fun to learn than the schools in Macau.”
Manuela Iong (Macau)
Liberal Arts,University of Sydney
“我在邦德学习领导力课程期间组织了一次慈善活动,在两周时间内为社区妇女庇护所筹到3000加币的善款。我觉得这个项目能很好地体现自己的活动策划能力,这段经历在我申请大学的三个面试中都用上了。由于我对这门课非常感兴趣而且学得很认真,我最后获得了96分的高成绩。Mr. Quigley的微积分与向量课程也很好,虽然同学们都说他很严厉,但是上过他课的学生都能够将微积分与向量学得很扎实,他给的分数都是我们能力应得到。”
Jiayi Gao (China)
Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto